The OD Origin

OD Professionals was created by Margaret Devlin and the Centre for Organisation Development (CFOD) in 2001.

OD Professionals

We provide an informal, open and generous learning environment for:
•  Discussions on current & emerging issues
•  Presentations of case studies and examples of best practice from leading academics
and practitioners
•  Information sharing and networking
•  Professional support and career development networking.


OD Professionalsbelieve in a world in which organisations and communities are productive, effective, healthy and sustainable.

OD Professionals Value:
•  Appreciation of the interconnectedness of systems
•  Inclusion of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures
•  Continued improvement and innovation in organisations
•  Participatory approaches to organisational change and management that respect the
contributions, dignity and worth of all people
•  Collaboration and partnership with clients
•  Cooperation and support among colleagues
•  Ongoing personal and professional development and learning
•  Knowledge of self and understanding of one’s impact in the system.

What people say…

“The OD Professional Network is not only for people in the OD/HR departments or
consultancies, it’s for anyone who works with people!

The monthly meetings are of great value to me. They provide me with opportunities to obtain
timely information on new OD initiatives, reflect on real life experiences, to network, discuss and
debate items from various perspectives after the official proceedings.

For me it’s the “ripple effect” as I gain inspiration and knowledge which I share and apply withmy management team which in turn they share and apply with their teams. Great value,
engaging, challenging (if you choose) and fun.”

Tim Tamlin
CEO South Gippsland Shire